Aiming at the delivery of products that safely satisfy the needs of the end user, Prisma S.A. is particularly active in the production of products that comply with the strictest international quality standards.

Prisma S.A. is the only Greek company in this particular field which has been granted two certificates for quality regarding its procedures and products.

Quality Control Standard ISO 9002  

PRISMA S.A. introduced and is applying the Quality Control Standard (QCS) ISO 9002 in the field of production and sales of safety glass and glass panes, as well as in the field of processing all types of glass. The Company's QCS fulfils all the demands of ISO 9002: 1994 / EN ISO 9002: 1994. The Standards Organization TUV CERT (Essen Germany) certified the QCS with the number 04100 01332 certificate on the 5/10/2000.



The certification from TUV is valid until October 2003. Soon, the QCS of PRISMA will be upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 in order to provide for the design and development of new products.

 ECE - 43R.  

In addition, PRISMA S.A. is the only Company in GREECE that is certified by ISO 9002 and ECE 43R, the Finnish Standards Organization (Department of Vehicles in the Ministry of Transportation in Helsinki, Finland), for the production of safety glass (SECURIT) for automobile vehicles


The company's tempered products also comply fully with the USA ΑΝSΙ Ζ97.1 standards, the European EN 12150-1, the British BS 6206, as well as the German DIN 52337 standards.

PRISMA S.A. operates a Testing and Quality Control Laboratory where quality control checks are conducted on a daily basis.

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