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  Prisma  S.A. is a Safety Glass Industry, which belongs to the group "GARIFALLOU". This group deals exclusively with glass (glass and accessories wholesaling, safety glass production, glass constructions and glass machinery distribution and service) and it is the leader in the glass sector in the Greek Market. 

  The Prisma S.A. company was founded in February 1997 under the registered name "Safety Glass Industry PRISMA S.A." and the trade name "PRISMA S.A.". The headquarters of the company are located at Amisiana, Kavala, Greece, and its production facilities are located in the Thessaloniki Industrial Area.

  The scope of the company is the formation and processing of glass (production of safety glass panes), as well as the trading of supplementary and auxiliary glass fittings.

  PRISMA S.A.  is a contemporary glass processing industry. The production facilities of PRISMA S.A. cover a surface of over 10,000m2 and are situated on an 22,000m2 plot in Sindos, the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Greece. The equipment of PRISMA S.A. consists of state-of-the-art machinery manufactured by European manufactures, which guarantee the production of top quality glass products.

  PRISMA S.A. adheres to the principle of ensuring top quality combined with the highest safety standards. The overall infrastructure of PRISMA S.A. is contemporary and meets all requirements for further development. By investing in new technologies, human resources and quality management through the process of ongoing improvement and by developing successful collaborations in the glass sector.

  PRISMA S.A. has proven that it is a modern and dynamic company, that it can stand at the forefront of glass processing technology, and that it is able to assimilate any innovations or developments in its field. Thus, it currently has a leading position in the glass pane sector, setting the developments in the field.

  Prisma S.A. deliver the products with 12 owned trucks to the  distribution network, all over Greece. Our customers are the most glaziers all over Greece, Cyprus, FYROMacedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, as well as many of the major construction companies.

  Prisma S.A. is a safety flat & bent glass industry. In our production line we are doing all the glass processing such as cutting, edging, drilling, silk and digital printing on glass, tempering of flat  and curved . We are also producing laminated flat & curved glass  and we are providing also Heat shock test in tempered glasses.

  Prisma S.A. has a special department for glass accessories, automatic doors, sliding facades systems, movable walls and other special systems, glass processing machines. In our product range we have many brand names from Europe and Asia .

We are authorized representative of the following companies :

  • FAAC SpA – Italy (Automatic doors and Gate automation systems)
  • COVER – Finland (Sliding Façade systems)
  • DORMA – Germany (Glass accessories – Automatic doors- movable walls)
  • SUNBELL – Italy (Sun blinds shading systems)
  • BOTTERO – Italy (Glass processing machines)
  • KERAGLASS – Italy (Glass processing machines)
  • LEADERGLASS – Italy (Glass Tempering & Laminating machines)
  • CAMBI – Italy - (Glass processing machines)
  • OPTIMA – Italy – (Software for glass industry)


  In our philosophy is to constantly increase the range of our products in order to improve our service to   our customers  by having good quality of products, reducing our cost, giving more ''weapons'' to our customers to ensure and increase their sales.

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B.I.P.E. Thessalonikis
Entrance C
O.T. 37
NB7 Road
574 00
Tel.: +30 2310 777 777
Fax: +30 2310 777 778-9


P.O. Box 1345
Tel.: +30 2510 326 124
Fax: +30 2310 326 392


12o Km Ethnikis Athinon Thessalonikis
Lykourgou & Likovriseos
144 52 Metamorfosi


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